HSIT Engineers have the experience and expertise installing projectors in any possible surface / location.  HSIT engineers will advise on the best possible mounting position and provide the correct specialist fixings required providing a secure projector mounting regardless of the size or weight. Our engineers will assist customers in the design stage selecting the correct product and its placement with in the ceiling depending on the structure and available space.

Included with the service is a cable management or hidden cabling service options. HSIT team will connect all your entertainment devices to the projector and configure the projector to the ambient lighting conditions as well as optimise for the best possible image reproduction. Projector set up and calibration will be done after the installation. Once the system is tested, we will give a full demonstration of how to use your projector in conjunction with your other equipment, if you have any question the engineer will be more than happy to help.

Our Services

Mounting : A mount to hold the projector is installed. Typically these are wall-mount, ceiling-mount or custom solutions with either a fixed or suspended configuration.

Install Projector : The projector is then secured to the mounting hardware.

Cable Run : VGA or projector cables are then run from the projector to a wall drop box for easy access. The technician will run the cables either through the ceiling or arrange them by another site-specific solution.

Computer Connection and Setup : The technicians will connect the signal source, such as a computer, and verify proper installation.

Projector Screen Installation : Mounting and setup of either pull down or motorized screen (a power supply is required).

Alignment & Focus : Proper alignment and focus of image on the screen.

Keystone Correction : Manual correction of the keystone effect to eliminate distortion.

We have installed projectors in many commercial and educational environments, such as: classrooms, schools, lecture halls, conference centers, offices, hotels, churches, retail stores and showrooms, banks and financial institutions.