If you need a much faster network compared to traditional cable network, HSIT provide you with Fiber Optic solutions for commercial and residential infrastructures. Fiber to the home or FTTH as it is the backbone of the internet deployed using fiber optic cable for residential internet connections. In fact, the latest deployments are capable of reaching speeds of 500mbps and 1Gbps respectively.

We have the equipment, tools and expertise to get your job done quickly and efficiently and offer a wide-range of solutions when it comes to Voice and Data Cabling, Telephone Systems, Network Cabling Solutions.

HSIT offers a variety of singlemode and multimode fiber patch cables with connector types that range from LC, SC and ST to MPO and MTP. HSIT also provides Singlemode, Multimode OM3/OM3, Multimode 62.5 Micron, fiber adapters, fiber adapter panels, fiber MPO cassettes, media converters, fiber optic enclosures, and fiber attenuators, Fiber Optic Testing and splicing.

HSIT provides conventional fiber optic cabling solutions that compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network, delivering a future-proof infrastructure. Our fiber optic services include design, engineering, installation, splicing, termination and testing. HSIT Fiber optic technicians are are tooled, equipped and experienced to splice all types of fiber optic cable in any given environment. From manholes, to any commercial pr residential complex, to 500 KV power transmission towers high in the air, to the most sensitive computer room. From single mechanical terminations, to major Hot-cuts, to Mass splicing for major metro builds.

Our Testing Services:

Fiber Optic Testing (OTDR / OLTS / ORL)

These three tests make of the largest percentage of test conducted on fiber infrastructure. Optical Loss Tests measure the total loss of a span, the OTDR measures loss over distance in graphical form, and the ORL measures the amount of back reflection received on a fiber.

Gig-E Testing

Typically for Installation and commissioning situations, active tests are employed to test such things as Continuity and Configuration. Most testing requirements include RFC-2544 which tests Throughput, Frame Loss, Back-to-Back Frame/burstability and Latency. For these tests, traffic is generated, up to full line rate to characterize the capability of the network.

Fiber Characterization Services

“Fiber Characterization” is performing a comprehensive suite of tests that determine all the key performance attributes of installed fiber infrastructure. Tests include; OTDR Trace Analysis Insertion Loss Measurements, Return Loss Measurements, Connector End-face Inspection, Chromatic Dispersion Testing, Polarization Mode Dispersion, and Spectral Attenuation.

Fiber Optic Installation

Our engineers have in-depth expertise in network architecture, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology, wireless, security, network integration, business continuity planning and operational support.

  • Singlemode / Multimode fiber installation
  • FTTx (Fiber-to-the-Home) Singlemode OSP Cable
  • Data Center Installation
  • Telecom & CATV Splicing

Setup and Installation Services

We help you chose the right design, technology and hardware that suits your business needs.

  • ONT and ONU placement for FTTP projects
  • Premise wiring for FTTP projects
  • Emergency Maintenance agreements
  • Network Audit Services (Informing you what you have in the field)

Fusion Splicing Services

HSIT is capable of supporting your fusion splicing requirements whether they require Singlemode, Multimode, or Ribbon Splicing.

  • Complete fiber optic splicing (Single fiber and/or Ribbon Splicing)
  • Telecom & CATV Splicing
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”
  • Data Center Installation
  • Premise (Office) Multimode

Our service offerings also includes Fiber Optic Cabling & Splicing (Single & Mass Fusion), Hot Cuts on Active Cable, Emergency Restoration, Network Troubleshooting & Multi-network Integration, RCDD, Consulting, Engineering, and Inspection Services, Terminations, Testing and Acceptance Documentation, Polarization Model Dispersion (PMD) Testing, Chromatic Dispersion (CD) Testing OTDR, Power Meter, and Reflectance Testing, Level 3 Communications PFOG required turnover documentation services, Fiber Optic Specification Design, Fiber Optic auditing services,Underground, Direct bury, Aerial (ADSS, Stranded, OPGW), Fiber connector loss.