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New speed camera ‘adds surprise’ to UAE traffic law enforcement

ABU DHABI // Portable speed cameras will keep the UAE’s motorists on their toes and can catch speeding across traffic lanes.

An armour-plated "enforcement trailer" speed camera was introduced at the Natrans Expo held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in 2016.

The advanced radar system inside the trailer, allows the camera to monitor speeds on vehicles across all lanes and in both directions.

The cameras can read licence plates and detect infractions such as speeding, vehicles driving too close to the next one, erratic lane changes and overtaking on the hard shoulder.

The trailer can transmit case data to authorities, he said.

Once installed, it is fully autonomous. Its power supply with batteries provides a very high autonomy and it can run uninterrupted for five days.

By the end of the year, the French interior ministry plans to use more than 250 trailer units on its roads. It expected to double that number by the end of 2018. Germany, Luxembourg and Spain have also tested the devices.

UAE federal transport officials, as well as Abu Dhabi and Dubai police, were briefed on the device on the opening day of the expo.

This device is highly welcomed for the UAE since it introduces the element of surprise in traffic enforcement.

Motorists may try to fool fixed cameras, slowing down when approaching one and speeding once past it.

There are at least three types of automated enforcement systems in Abu Dhabi: fixed radar cameras, infrared no-flash cameras at traffic junctions and mobile radar cameras.

Traffic patrol cars and unmarked patrol cars in Abu Dhabi are also equipped with the latest technology to catch speedsters.