Intrusion detection systems consist of burglar alarm panels, keypads, digital dialers and field sensors.

Examples of field sensors include:

  • Motion detection
  • Cabinet tamper
  • Glass break
  • Duress
  • Door contact
  • Seismic sensor

Features are:

  • Advanced Wireless and / or wired Alarm Security System
  • GSM Wireless Auto Dialer
  • Multiple-zone alarm system with inbuilt auto emergency dialler
  • Built-in Two-way Control & Active Voice Message
  • Can be integrated with Security cameras, Access control systems through LAN.

Our Intruder alarm system provides complete security for your home, jewellery, banks and other commercial buildings and comes complete with various motion detectors, contacts, remote control key fobs, and powerful control panels that can simultaneously function as controller, receiver, sounder and keypad in some systems.

The GSM module allows you to control and communicate with the Intrusion system remotely using any cellular phone. This means you can be alerted instantly of a burglary, fire, or tampering, anywhere in the world through a call on your private cell phone, or even through SMS (text) messaging. Additionally, the module allows easy arming, disarming and programming options for your system from anywhere by simply calling or sending an SMS (text) message of your own!

Simplified Security Operations

HSIT's security management team provide the solutions to integrate with various intrusion detection systems that correlate the intrusion video surveillance in order to provide one view of the incident on a single user-friendly dashboard. In return, this integration significantly reduces false alarms and also improves operational efficiency in managing security.