HSIT have taken expertise and knowledge in the field of surveillance system and is a leader in the CCTV surveillance industry with a specialization in developing solutions that  offer incredible performance for high clarity video-centric environment systems and components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. We provide solutions that support a wide range of IP cameras / Analog cameras and Video Management Software including Aimetis, AxxonSoft, CamIQ, CSVi, Digifort, Genetec, OnSSI, Milestone, and SeeTec. HSIT’s solutions can be found at airports, banks, casinos, governments, highways, hospitals, hotels, metro and trains, mines, oil companies, ports, defence, shopping malls, warehouses and many more locations.

At HSIT we bring you latest Integrated Technology in Surveillance system; integrate analogue cameras and digital IP cameras, and load analog and digital video data into the same interface to become a comprehensive hybrid solution. Remote surveillance is implemented via web-server, 3GPP, IE browser and Hybrid systems offer an extensible solution for multi-site surveillance and control to manage numerous cameras from subscribers. Also CCTV can easily be integrated with other extern al systems like, fire, Intrusion, Access to offer you centralized command control systems. We provide the support to run software for automatic event detection, alarm messaging, video analysis, storage, RAID configurations and remote functions.

We provide a wide range of CCTV systems for our clients, each system is built to individual client's requirements enabling us to provide a cost effective with excellent quality. Some of the features include:

  • Remote viewing over the internet with computer and 3G phone
  • 24x7, scheduled or motion recording, hard disk stores, and external storage
  • Quick date and time search for recorded video
  • Backup extract video through USB or Network connection
  • Choose weatherproof and water resistant cameras for outdoor use
  • Upgrade to infrared cameras for viewing and recording for total darkness

HSIT Offers

  • IP network cameras, analog, High definition cameras including megapixel models
  • Video Management system / software with video analytics
  • NVRs, Hybrid DVRs and video storage solutions
  • HD decoders, virtual matrix display software and HD monitors
  • System design and installation support from our Professional Services team
  • Training, testing & Commissioning
  • Annual Maintenance Contract

IP CCTV Camera Installation

IP Security Cameras are regarded as the "Latest and Greatest" in Surveillance Technology. Achieve HD High Definition 1080p Video with True Digital Megapixel IP Security Cameras.

If you are looking for the Highest Definition and Clearest Cameras that are offered in the market,  HSIT Engineers suggest IP HD Security Cameras. HSIT suggested IP HD Security Camera Technology has taken over the market over the last several years due to much superior video quality, zoom, and Internet Viewing capabilities.

  • True High Definition Megapixel Digital Video of Up to 4MP & MORE 1080p+
  • Free Internet, Cell Phone, & Tablet Remote Viewing and Video Review
  • EASIEST Installation with 1 CAT5 Cable from Recorder to Camera
  • Exceptional ZOOM IN Capabilities Live and Upon Review
  • 1080p SUPER High Defintion Digital Crystal Clear Video
  • Cost Effective & Cutting Edge HD Surveillance Technology
  • PoE cameras can be connected to the PoE port of NVR (Network Video Recorder) thus avoiding the need for separate Electrical power.


High Definition Security Camera Systems are are suggested by HSIT Engineers for those clients who are already using the Standard RG-59 Power/Video Coax Cable. They can now get HIGH DEFINITION Digital Megapixel Crystal Clear Video of up to 1080p. Definition and digital zoom is much higher on HD Cameras compared to standard CCTV Cameras that were offered just several years ago. Have COAX Cables already installed? Simply change your DVR and your cameras and step into the world of 1080p or 720p High Definition Video.

  • True High Definition Megapixel Video of Up to 2MP 1080p Resolution
  • Live Remote Viewing on PC, Phones, Tablets, and More
  • Cameras Can Be Mounted Up to 1500 feet away from Recorder
  • Install and Control Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras Over One Cable
  • Extremely Cost Effective and also supports the older Standard CCTV Cameras


Our HSIT Engineers suggest Traditional High Resolution Security Camera Systems for clients who require cheaper solutions that offer outstanding resolution and video clarity. The higher the lines of resolution, the better the camera clarity. We offer security camera systems of higher lines of resolution.

  • High Resolution HDMI Digital Video Recorder
  • High Resolution Security Cameras
  • Free Remote Viewing over the Internet, Cell Phone, and Tablets
  • Motion Recording, 24 Hour Recording, Object Masking, Email/Phone Push Motion Alerts

Central Monitoring System:

The central monitoring system (CMS) software, also known as central monitoring station, is designed for enterprise sizes surveillance systems. The systems can connect to an unlimited number of surveillance systems and is designed to monitor hundreds or thousands of security cameras, DVRs and NVRs. This is an ideal solution for video monitoring companies, enterprise commercial application, and enterprise government applications.

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