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Accounting and Sales Software provided and customised by High Speed IT Network Services LLC.(HSIT)

High Speed IT Network Services LLC.(HSIT), provides Accounting and sales Software that covers all the features of financial Management to the education sector, hospitals, real estates, shops, super markets, hardware shops, restaurants, Transportation companies, furniture shops, jeweler, Textile shops etc. We provide a dynamic and well proven foundation for the effective financial management. From central accounting functions including General ledger, Receivables, Payables, sales, inventory management, Cash Management, Fees billing, Fixed assets, Bank reconciliation, and supplier TDs Return Reports as per Govt. Guidelines. Inquire for custom made software here:
Our development team in High Speed IT Network Services LLC (HSIT) will make the software custom made as per your requirement. In the quotations you send to the customer you could upload the images of the items. Only thing you have to do is to select the model number of the item.
Even you could integrate the Time Attendance system with the software. This will make the life of your Accountant easy for calculating the duty time, overtime and hence the payroll of the staffs.

Some of the Major Features of Accounting Software are:-

  • Complete Book-Keeping with various accounts
  • Cash Book for Various Accounts
  • Bank Book
  • Integrated Ledgers and journal Book
  • Software generated cheque printing
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Receipt and payment Accounts
  • Income and Expenditure statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Budget Estimates
  • Details of Fixed Assets
  • Voucher printing
  • Cheque issue register
  • Budget allocation & Control
  • TDS certificate –form 16 A and e-tax filling in 26 Q
  • Invoicing With Invoice Designer
  • Audit Control
  • Users Definable Security
  • Data Sharing
  • Import Export of Data Via Xml
  • Confirmation of Accounts
  • Depreciation Calculation as Per Income Tax
  • Exclusive Printing of Balance Sheets with Schedule and  Annexure
  • Multi-User Network Support

We have different types of accounting software to enable the large and small establishments to maintain company accounts and taxation details. This software solves all the accounts management solutions including maintenance of ledger books, cash books, credit and debit entries and all other functional business accounting.

The above programs help the customers to organise finances, keep track on the money path, manage personal finances, manage multiple accounts, bill payments and cash receivable and for reconciling bank statements. The accountingsoftware packages we provide include all the functions mentioned above in connection with management of accounts. It is also possible for transferring money from one account to another account with ease.

In early years, companies and business establishments have been using ledger books, spread sheets and other means to maintain the accounts of the company and when the company grows to a larger scale, it will not be possible to maintain such accounts by using these methodologies and they require accounting software with CRM to save precious time.

The Accounting software with CRM is specially designed to maintain perfect customer relationship. With this software, the companies are able to maintain customer information since they become customers and they are able to locate their customers to maintain good customer relationship and to track new clients. This software helps to integrate all the existing accounting software and you will have the opportunity to analyse marketing, advertising and sales for the benefit of your customers.

We offer software exclusively for business people called as accounting software for businesses and with this, the establishments are able to streamline customer service as well as to maintain and manage multiple accounts with ease for prosperous business in future.