HSIT provides Cost Effective, Accurate & Reliable Access Control & Time Attendance Systems with Biometric / Proximity Card & Password Options. Control through Software and Web browser is possible.

From a single door to thousands of doors connected in network, from standalone system to real web based multi-location, multi-site controllers, driven by powerful, flexible and easy to use software, the system provides an ideal, modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. We provide seamless integration with range of RFID Proximity, PIN, PIN & PROX, Smartcard and biometric readers and multi technology controllers to know who, where, when and what.

Some of the features include:

  • Daily, weekly, monthy, yearly or custom date range report attendance reports with overtime options
  • Open shifts and multiple shift options for employees possible
  • Integration of devices in different branches / locations possible
  • Cost Effective, Accurate & Reliable Access Control & Time Attendance Systems. Finfer print, face detection Biometric / Proximity Card/Mifare card & Password Options.
  • Time Attendance Software inbuilt.
  • Being an automatic system, an organization does not have to waste its invaluable time towards maintaining records or muster - rolls of employees for attendance purposes.
  • Can be integrated with an enterprise-wide system for monitoring and providing service to employee.
  • Have Web-based application,
  • Can be integrated with ERP applications,
  • Can be integrated with Active directory and MS Exchange,
  • Can be integrated with Fire Alarm system,
  • Can release the doors during fire or emergency cases,
  • Ability to connect power over Ethernet,

Some of the Time Attendance Software features also  include:

  • have a web-based application,
  • support MS SQL Server OR Oracle,
  • have a single end user interface to check his/ her attendance records,
  • to create normal, advanced & flexible time scheduling module and 24hours Shifts schedule,
  • support multiple organizational structure and locations,
  • define public holidays and to read from ERP,
  • define public holidays and to read from ERP,
  • work offline also - disconnected from the server or network and to store all the records on the device,
  • manage fingerprints in each device separately for a server based solution,
  • display employee's details report (name, number, designation, nationality, join date, department, section..),
  • display delays / late arrivals reports, employee absence report

Depending on the type of doors our Engineers can suggest the kind of locks and brackets needed. We provide the best after sales support and Annual maintenance Contract service available in the industry.